Which of these is a good thing to do when driving at night?

Turn on your 4-way emergency flashers to warn others.

Not leave your vehicle unattended for more than 15 minutes.
Leave your trailer(s) clearance lights on.
When you are parked at the side of the road at night, you must:
Which of these statements is true about staying alert to drive?
When a coolant container is part of a pressurized system, which of these is true?
Half a football field
The Length of a football field

A third of a football field

You are driving a vehicle at 55 mph on dry pavement. About how much total stopping distance will you need to bring it to a stop?
Fast tracking
Swing tracking

Off tracking

Which is the term for a commercial vehicle's habit of swinging wide on turns?


Whenever you double your speed, your vehicle has about ____times the destructive power if it crashes.
Always dangerous.
Sometimes dangerous.

Not a concern for professional drivers.

Backing a commercial vehicle is:

You can check the coolant level of a hot engine.

The cooland level of a hot engine cannot be safely checked.
You should check the coolant container before each trip.
Drinking a large amount of coffee.
Sleep is the only thing that can overcome fatigue.

Listening to loud music.

Drive slowly enough to stop within the range of your headlights.
Make sure you have enough fuel to get to your next stop.

Drive slowly enough to be able to stop within 50 feet

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